At Zucker Legal all legal work is conducted by Chris Zucker and your only contacts will be Chris or Adele. We are based in Tamworth but are in Sydney regularly. Our clients are based throughout NSW and in other states. We travel as may be necessary to meet with clients or their advisers or indeed the representatives of their opponents. We are flexible about meeting times and places and all other arrangements in the conduct of clients’ matters.

We disclose and quote costs on a lump sum basis when commencing work for clients. Chris Zucker’s experience allows for accurate estimating. We do not work or charge by the six minute unit. If unexpected developments in your matter may affect the estimate we provide notice so that clients can consider whether to proceed or take some other action. In certain cases costs are not paid until successful completion of litigation. The first meeting is always without cost or commitment.

Zucker Legal does not practice in some fields of law including criminal law, family law or personal injuries. We have many contacts and will always assist present or new clients to locate a practitioner in those fields. We do have a wide range of barristers and experts with whom we work in unusual legal matters. We enjoy the challenge of learning, researching and discussing legal and practical things that affect people on their properties, in their commercial activities and within their families.